budget management project


Remember: use dev-base.html`(by renaming it to `base.html) for development coz it is consitence for development.


Moved to settings.

Basic Commands

Setting Up Your Users

  • To create a normal user account, just go to Sign Up and fill out the form. Once you submit it, you’ll see a “Verify Your E-mail Address” page. Go to your console to see a simulated email verification message. Copy the link into your browser. Now the user’s email should be verified and ready to go.

  • To create an superuser account, use this command:

    $ python createsuperuser

For convenience, you can keep your normal user logged in on Chrome and your superuser logged in on Firefox (or similar), so that you can see how the site behaves for both kinds of users.

Test coverage

To run the tests, check your test coverage, and generate an HTML coverage report:

$ coverage run test
$ coverage html
$ open htmlcov/index.html

Running tests with py.test

$ py.test

Live reloading and Sass CSS compilation

Moved to Live reloading and SASS compilation.


This app comes with Celery.

To run a celery worker:

cd bm
celery -A bm.taskapp worker -l info # may cause heroku(worker) crash.
celery -A b.taskapp worker --loglevel=info

Please note: For Celery’s import magic to work, it is important where the celery commands are run. If you are in the same folder with, you should be right.

Email Server

In development, it is often nice to be able to see emails that are being sent from your application. If you choose to use MailHog when generating the project a local SMTP server with a web interface will be available.

To start the service, make sure you have nodejs installed, and then type the following:

$ npm install
$ grunt serve

(After the first run you only need to type grunt serve) This will start an email server that listens on in addition to starting your Django project and a watch task for live reload.

To view messages that are sent by your application, open your browser and go to

The email server will exit when you exit the Grunt task on the CLI with Ctrl+C.


Sentry is an error logging aggregator service. You can sign up for a free account at or download and host it yourself. The system is setup with reasonable defaults, including 404 logging and integration with the WSGI.


Important part for working in production.

Cross Domain Name/Client Side Domain Name

Must set BM_CLIENT_CROSS_DOMAIN_NAME for active cross domain in client and server side communication.

Client Side Redirection

BM_CLIENT_PASSWORD_RESET_URL set the url which help in restting password.


Default redirection url is reset.